Camantiles, Carantes Tops Online Poll Survey for Itogon Local Posts

Oscar Camantiles

Oscar “Oka” Camantiles edged Victorio “Vic” Palangdan and three others for Itogon Mayoralty position with a very wide margin while Adriano “Jr” Carantes leads the pack of  Sangguniang Bayan bets in the online poll by Itogon Blogsite (

Camantiles devoured 56.67% of the votes opening a wide lead over Palangdan who garnered 28.33% only. Eddie Amuasen on the other hand took 10% of the votes while Luis Mirante and Isagani Mamaril got 3.33% and 1.67% respectively.

In the race for Municipal Councilors, Adriano Carantes Jr. got 11.19% of the votes followed by Norberto Pacio, Alexander Fianza, and Annie Galiega with 9.09%, 8.74%, 8.04%, and 7.69% respectively. Other bets who made it to the top 8 are Bernard Waclin with 7.69%, Daxie Godio with 6.64%, Gerard Cornel with 5.94%, and Philip Pucay with 5.59%.

The online poll which opened on April 18 to April 26 was spearheaded by Itogon Kami group at Facebook which has almost 900 Itogon members with from all over the world. To validate the results as individual votes, the site used to administer the poll not allowing multiple votes from one participant by blocking repeated votes from the participant’s computer.

The Vice Mayoralty position is not included in the survey as incumbent Vice Mayor Noel Ngolob is running unopposed.

Here is the complete poll results.


  1. CAMANTILES, OSCAR MAINGPES     “OKA”                     56.67%
  2. PALANGDAN, VICTORIO TONGALOG     “VIC”               28.33%
  3. AMUASEN, EDDIE PIS-OY         “ED”                                    10.00%
  4. MIRANTE, LUIS BALTAZAR         “BAGET”                           3.33%
  5. MAMARIL, ISAGANI ZULUETA         “GANI”                       1.67%


  1. ARANTES, ADRIANO, JR. RILLERA     “JR”        11.19%
  2. PACIO, NORBERTO IGNACIO         “BERT”        9.09%
  4. GALIEGA, ANNIE API-IT         “ANNE”        8.04%
  6. GODIO, DANTE ALAIN X DE CASTRO     “DAXIE”        6.64%
  7. CORNEL, GERARD SERGIO         “GERRY”    5.94%
  8. PUCAY, PHILIP CAMTI             “PHILIP”     5.59%
  9. LICTAG, CORDELO BUDONG         “ODEL”        4.9%
  10. LATAWAN, LISON, JR. CABOT         “JUNIOR”     4.2%
  11. BAHINGAWAN, ARNEL FELIX         “ARNEL”    3.5%
  12. CAMADO, NESTOR AMANDO         “CHIQUETO”     3.5%
  13. PALOME, RICARDO EMOC         “KARDO”     3.5%
  14. GALUTAN, JOHNNY GALLEO         “JANI”         2.8%
  15. CANUTO, ANECITO JULIAN         “PETING”     2.45%
  16. SANIL, CONSTANCIO GAMENG     “OSTAN”     2.45%
  17. RHODA, REYNALDO LOSADO         “REYNOLD”     2.1%
  18. SABADO, ROSELLE LOCANO         “POSCHOR”     2.1%
  19. ACAY, JOEDEN CONSI         “JOE”         1.75%
  20. GANO, ANTHONY OYAG         “TONY”     1.75%
  21. ALTIGA, FREDDIE SABIANO         “FRED”     1.05%

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7 responses to “Camantiles, Carantes Tops Online Poll Survey for Itogon Local Posts”

  1. tim can says :

    singen mistake ima councilors nem

  2. matot-Loacan Itogon says :

    ..congratulations mayor and to everybody who made it..ur chosen by our people n wd our peoples’ trust we hope to see u lead us righteously to a prosperous Itogon..may u act according to the “phrases” u’ve deliverd during ur campaign period..all we can do now is watch u n pray that you wont be mislead by the “power” temporarily entrusted n u..goodluck n God Bless u…

  3. yayee says :

    Congrats New Mayor! We trust you!! 😀

  4. Mar says :

    ahha!! congratulations po to our new mayor mr. oscar camantiles.. we are proud of you!

  5. Azxran000 says :

    …san ung setting ng survey…???……j3j3m0n…..

  6. Azxran000 says :

    ….Let’s see…

  7. thump says :

    ask ko lang po nu manu amin t nagparticipate t polls? ty…

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