Itogon conforms to amended tax code

Sunday, April 15, 2012

ITOGON Mayor Oscar Camantiles was surprised on the positive response of his constituents on the newly implemented amended Municipal Tax Code.

“The tax collection tripled up. The tax collection of the previous administration for a year was collected only for a month. Also residents who avail business permits increased,” he added.

The amendment of their 10-year-old Municipal Tax Code was approved December last year and immediately implemented last January.

Integrated in the amended Municipal Tax Code wasadjusted in rates and fees and administrative procedures. Also corrections on topographical errors were made.

The biggest change according to Camantiles is that all legislations and ordinances concerning tax were consolidated as one making their Tax Code single and strong.

As an additional attraction to the residents, they have implemented a one-stop shop policy for a faster and easier access on the services.

Camantiles said that within two to three hours they are already done on their transactions. It’s a strategy for them to attract and encourage tax payers to do their part.

“I’m even glad because they’re even the ones who report those who don’t have business permits and those who don’t pay their taxes,” he expressed.

The amendment of the Municipal Tax Code was penned by Camantiles when he was still a councilor and head of the Committee on Finance, Ways and Means however was distracted by the 2010 elections where he won as the Mayor but was pushed and continued by the 7th Municipal Council.

“I’m so happy the council pushed it through. I think what really encouraged the residents to participate are that they saw the improvement of the system and at the end of the day they’re the ones who would benefit from it,” concludes Camantiles. (Analiza Galawa/UC Intern)

Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on April 16, 2012.


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One response to “Itogon conforms to amended tax code”

  1. Loida Dulos says :

    Kudos to all the council members who are doing their job.It’s about time the constituents of Itogon starts seeing progress of the municipality. t’s empowering to the people when they see you are doing your job.

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